Toscanini New Symphony Orchestra - 2018/2019 Season

There are hundreds of youth orchestras in the United States. As long as they are enrolled in musical studies, young students improve playing their instruments by performing with these orchestras.

Instead, professional orchestras require significant preparation from musicians who wish to join them. This prevents musicians who don’t have enough experience to pursue their professional career and growth.

In the United States there is need for a youth orchestra that is not related to a school thus allowing young musicians to continue their professional growth after having completed their studies.

The Toscanini New Symphony Orchestra has this mission: to assist emergent musicians that want to transform their passion in their life.

The competition is open to all young people who are part of the following categories of instruments:

TNSO Members

There are many internationally artists that are willing to support the mission of this new orchestra with their patronage. This is the result of a desire to support an orchestra which helps young musicians. Its mission is what differentiates the Toscanini New Symphony from other youth orchestras.

How it Works

In its first year, the TNSO contest is open to all respectively citizens and residents of U.S.A and U.K. between 18 and 30 years old, that have completed or about to complete their studies at a musical academy or conservatory.

The first step to apply is to fill out a form that soon will be online. There will be a $35 fee payable online at the end of the registration. The terms and deadline of the application process will be announced online in the near future. 

What is Required

To complete the online application, participants need to attach:

-  A copy of the degree or certificate of attendance of the Conservatory, College, University or Academy indicating the year of graduation or attendance.

-   A brief biography.

-  Two recommendation letters.

-  A video audition. 


First Phase – Video Audition

All applicants will be asked to record a video audition. Each performance segment will have to be recorded in a single attempt, without any edits. The content of each video has to include in this order: 

- An introduction by the applicant, presenting its name, the age, the city of origin and the instrument he/she plays.

- A solo piece or a part of a longer piece choses by the applicant and accompanied by a piano. In any case the piece should be no longer than three minutes.

- Three pieces that will be provided by TNSO and that will be available at the moment of the application.

-The answers to a brief questionnaire provided by TNSO.

Second Phase - Audition

All selected applicants will be invited in New York (U.S.A.) and London (U.K.) for the final phase of the selection process.

Participants will be valued by a jury with renowned artists and will have to exhibit in a performance featuring:

- Two pieces provided by TNSO.

-A piece chosen by the applicant. This can be either a solo piece of a part of a longer piece, however not exceeding three minutes.


Participants selected to form the orchestra will perform through out the United States and will be accompanied by important conductors recognized in the international music scene.

The winners will be hired by TNSO and will receive e regular salary for their entire stay with the orchestra.

TNSO will be available to assist participants with finding housing and other practical needs that might arise.

More detailed information will be provided to the candidates when they register for the start their application process.


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  1. -Flute with the obligation of the Piccolo

  2. -Clarinet

  3. -Oboe with obligation of English Horn

  4. -Horn

  5. -Bassoon

  6. -Trumpet

  7. -Trombone

  8. -Tuba


  1. -Timpani

  2. -Percussion

  1. -Harp

  2. -Organ


  1. -Violin

  2. -Viola

  3. -Cello

  4. -Bass